Veggie Polenta Pie

Today, I painted over the pink walls of the bedroom I grew up in. Today, I stood in a painty-smelling, cute little room, and I felt almost like I had grown up. Almost. Today, I tucked the seeds of my favorite veggies and herbs under the ground that I grew up walking on, and I … More Veggie Polenta Pie

Kale-Beet Salad

Just FYI — an alternate title is Kale Salad That Makes Me Want To Dance. Folks, it’s true. Have you ever met a kale salad that makes you want to dance? Sure, there are some delicious recipes out there on the IIGI (infinite inter-web of galactic information – AKA the internet), but do they make you … More Kale-Beet Salad

Sushi The Great

You know those days that just don’t work? Or the days where you give up to early to try to make it work? For me, those days tend to drop in a lot. They show off and taunt me with their tongues sticking out. They’re pretty rude. And so, hypothetically speaking of course, I have … More Sushi The Great