Veggie Polenta Pie

Today, I painted over the pink walls of the bedroom I grew up in. Today, I stood in a painty-smelling, cute little room, and I felt almost like I had grown up. Almost. Today, I tucked the seeds of my favorite veggies and herbs under the ground that I grew up walking on, and I … More Veggie Polenta Pie

Baby Bok Choy Salad

Bok bok bok bok choooooy For the less aware, that is not the sound of a chicken mixed with a choo choo train. I promise. It is, in fact, the lovely, the glorious, the quite delicious bok choy (it sounds a little more appetizing minus three boks and four os doesn’t it?).

Kale-Beet Salad

Just FYI — an alternate title is Kale Salad That Makes Me Want To Dance. Folks, it’s true. Have you ever met a kale salad that makes you want to┬ádance? Sure, there are some delicious recipes out there on the IIGI (infinite inter-web of galactic information – AKA the internet), but do they make you … More Kale-Beet Salad