a thought

Can anyone still really dispute that what we are looking at was meant to be so much more? is there anyone out there who thinks this, this, is the goal? that we’ve come far enough? done enough? that this is as it should be? and, my god, shouldn’t we have seen it coming? It’s just … More a thought

Here and Nowhere Else

I don’t want to write down every detail of my day, of my life. I don’t want a picture of every breakfast, every morning view. In order to remember, don’t you have to experience first? And even if your memory doesn’t have the colors of a photograph, isn’t it worth something, a lot of somethings, … More Here and Nowhere Else

Not a Good Traveler

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. – Tao De Ching I freaking suck. Sprinting across the airport at 11 at night, listening to speeches about my utter incompetence, running up a goddamn escalator with my suitcase, no one could say that I’m a traveler who is not intent … More Not a Good Traveler