Open, I am…

One of my socks is stretched out. And I ran out of my favorite deodorant. And the DVD of Argo I bought refuses to be recognized by the player. And the top sheet hasn’t been in any way attached to my bed in at least a week. I’m living a stretched-out-sock life, somewhere in between … More Open, I am…

some kind of magic

Thankful for tongues that don’t know English, chewed-on Crayola markers, cookie crumbs, sounds that mean nothing, Estefani’s laugh, missing teeth, sticky little hands, manitos, tea and good mugs, being called Tia, sweet and melancholy rainy mornings, the scarf that makes me feel like Aunt Beth, warm blankets and tv voices, having another day tomorrow to … More some kind of magic

a zone I passed through: Nueva Esperanza

Come Away with Me – Norah Jones, Coming Home – Leon Bridges, Concrete Walls – Zee Avi, Constellations – Jack Johnson… …and then… Cotton Eyed Joe. Physically painful. And…damn.     I have two existences. One was honey-colored walls and sunshine spots. The other was edges and sage carpet. One was bread on the countertops, … More a zone I passed through: Nueva Esperanza


It’s been two hours, and it still hasn’t rained. There’s so much that I want to say, that I need to say, really, but, it still hasn’t rained. And so, I’m waiting. I’m waiting for a downpour. A drenching. A release.